james blanco // photographer

creating for me has been the unintended consequence of destroying the things already here. we dig the holes and create a hill - we level the hill and fill the holes... maybe it's all a practice in absurdity, or maybe there is some real meaning here. in the meantime i think i will just continue to make and destroy, destroy and remake.

my favorite images are somewhere between the image we want to portray and the moment we let that image go - that interstitial moment makes the process worthwhile for me. the rest are pretty pictures.

currently living at CD-FB, part of the Creative Drive network.

Clients + Publications

Coach, Stuart Weitzman, Net-A-Porter, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Mr. Porter, Opening Ceremony, NBC Universal, Frame Denim, Brooklinen, Club Monaco, Garnier USA, Vera Bradley, Juvias Place, Mason Grace Jewelry, Zitomer Pharmacy. 

Select Publications include Sicky Magazine, Ladygunn Magazine, Style.com, HUF Magazine, Magnify, Jute Magazine, DiModa

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